The Alternative’s Favorite Horror Films

The Popdosemagazine’s Favorite Horror Films

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It’s October once again, and you know what that means, it’s horror movie time. Nothing beats a Fall night on the couch scared silly by a great film, but let’s be honest, all horror movies are not created equal, and nothing is worse than wasting your time on a movie sucks. That’s why every year in October, we recommend our favorite scary movies and horror tv series, so you can watch and enjoy!

We have some silly fun Halloween movies for those of you who are a little too soft for slashers, some underrated gems for horror diehards, and also some pure nightmare fuel for when you really need a scare. This year we have also added a Scare Meter, that lets you know what level of terror you’re really getting into. Check the guide below.

Go Directly To : 1 SKULL – 2 SKULLS – 3 SKULLS – 4 SKULLS – 5 SKULLS – ALL FILMS

Check back throughout the month because we will be updating it with a ton more great films for your October.


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