Teen Refuses to Babysit so Aunt Can Go to Taylor Swift Concert

A teen on Reddit is setting boundaries with her Taylor Swift-loving aunt.

According to a post in the Am I The A–hole forum, the teen was asked to babysit her two younger cousins last minute so that her aunt could attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

However, the teen said that her four-year-old cousin is “too difficult.”

“Last time [I babysat] I told my aunt she needs to get a new babysitter because my youngest cousin is too difficult. He refuses to do what he’s told, gets out of bed and runs around, stuff like that,” the teen explained.

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Despite the teen’s refusal to babysit the tiny terror, the aunt asked again after another cousin caught COVID and was unable to take over.

“She’s been desperately trying to find a babysitter, but hasn’t had any luck. So she asked me to babysit just this one more time. She even offered me double the money. But on top of my cousin being a little terror, tonight is a school night and my aunt won’t be home until about 1am,” the teen revealed.

“That’s the entire reason the adults in my family can’t babysit too, because they have work in the morning. I have to wake up at 7 to get to school but apparently that’s less important because my parents have been telling me I need to just do this one nice thing for her and I’m selfish for not doing it,” they added.

The teen went on to add that their parents have been telling them that they really need to focus on school this year, but they don’t seem too concerned about the late-night babysitting job.

“So idk what they even want from me here. I would do it if it was some emergency or something, but it’s a concert,” the teen said.

Many people in the comments section agreed with the teen’s choice.

“Unless the other babysitter JUST caught Covid the same day, your aunt needs to plan better. You’re not obligated to babysit, and if it turns out she can’t go because she can’t find a babysitter, then that’s just part of being a parent. Sometimes you can’t do what you want,” one person said.

“If all the adults think this is so important then they should be stepping up to assist,” someone else agreed.

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