Stephanie Lambring's "Fine" Celebrates Going Against the Grain (premiere)

Stephanie Lambring’s Autonomy is an as-you-see-it experience. The Americana artist’s upcoming LP, due out 23 October, argues for the power of choice above all else. In the process, societal norms—as they pertain to religion, sexuality, body image, and more—are challenged. Heavy topics are looked back upon with logical precision, with a resolution of self-drive standing with aplomb at every corner. Her new single, “Fine”, is a confident expression of this overarching theme of independence. Directed by Iris Dutour, its accompanying lyric video sweeps through gorgeous and varied landscapes, the empowering anthem driving proceedings forward.

For Lambring, “Fine” recalls her feelings towards marriage and romance. She recalls, “At my grandmother’s funeral a few years ago, a relative said to me, ‘Stephy, now we just have to get you married!’ The dreaded, inevitable comment at every family gathering.”

“I’ve never fantasized about spending forever with one person. I get anxious just saying that because it feels so counter-cultural. In college, I’d joke, ‘I’m not going to get married until I’m 30—that’s eight fewer years of forever!’ It’s always been there on some level. Until my early 30s, I always assumed I would get married. I dreaded hitting milestones with boyfriends and constantly over-analyzed my relationships. The clock was ticking, and I thought I ‘should’ve’ been thinking about taking the next step. The only pull—or push—I felt toward marriage was external pressure.