Song Premiere: Max Blansjaar – “Red Tiger”

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Photo by Siobhan Cox

False Comforts was a leap of faith for Max Blansjaar. Based in Oxford, he traveled to New York to record his upcoming LP with Katie Von Schleicher–a far cry for the laptop recordings of his previous work. But don’t expect any sort of Dimes Square indie-sleaze makeover here; Blansjaar cites Elephant 6 as a seminal influence, and their specter indeed looms on new single “Red Tiger.”

The track, which we’re excited to premiere below, is an alluring, swaying slice of tart indie pop that pulls from the rustic intimacy of Neutral Milk Hotel as much as from the effortless melodicism of Apples in Stereo. Of the writing of the song, Blansjaar shares:

This is the oldest song on the album – I wrote it on a little Casio keyboard when I was seventeen. Then I forgot about it for a few years. The world seemed a wild place then, and it still does. It’s nice revisiting old songs because in some ways they’re kind of like time capsules, but in some other ways they’re as true as they always were, just their meaning has changed. I think it’s good for songs to make themselves open to mutation in that way. They can mean different things to different people, at different moments in their lives. The “Red Tiger” keeps moving, that’s what I say.

Give it a listen below.

False Comforts is out June 21st.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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