Song Premiere: Chris Broach – “Blood Thicker Than Honey”

Posted: by The Editor

Last month Chris Broach announced a split with The 1984 Draft, due out on May 10 through Poptek and Sweet Cheetah. The 1984 Draft already shared their contribution, the buzzy, hooky indie rocker “Holiday Inn,” and today we’re excited to premiere Chris Broach’s contribution, “Blood Thicker Than Honey.”

Though Broach is best known for his work with emo legends Braid, “Blood Thicker Than Honey” is a more tuneful, instantly hummable song from him, but it’s got more bite than his work in The Firebird Band or SNST. As ever, though, it’s just great to hear him singing. About the song, he notes, “I was pretty sick for a few years – and that took a lot out of me. I wasn’t sure I could tour and sing and play like I used to, but going on tour last year for the 25th anniversary shows for Frame & Canvas pushed me to see that I could do it. I wanted to start writing some new stuff after that, and so I did.”

Check out “Blood Thicker Than Honey” below.

Chris Broach / The 1984 Draft is out tomorrow.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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