Scientific Evidence of Aliens on Camera Could Win You $1 Million

Got a Ring camera and video proof that aliens exist? You could be a millionaire!

As part of their Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials contest, Ring will reward one of their customers with a whopping $1,000,000 if they can capture “scientific evidence” of extraterrestrial life using their Ring device.

To win, the footage submitted must exhibit “unusual, extraordinary, or unexplainable behavior” according to the official contest rules.

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Videos captured using “artificial aids” such as costumes, props and computer graphics are ineligible for the grand prize. However, such videos could qualify for Ring’s “Out of This World” prize: a $500 Amazon gift card.

“The most creative submissions that do not qualify” for the million-dollar prize will be judged based on humor, creativity and other criteria.

According to Ring via Facebook, “Alien costumes and accessories, homemade spacecrafts, and extraterrestrial-inspired communication with your Ring device are highly encouraged! … Have fun and don’t be fooled by the realistic costumes you may see on Halloween!”

According to People, all submitted footage will be reviewed by a “Space and Extraterrestrial Expert” to determine eligibility.

The grand prize winner will receive a $1 million grand prize via yearly $50,000 payouts over a span of 20 years.

Eligible participants over the age of 18 can submit their videos starting Wednesday (Oct. 12).

Winners will be selected the week of Nov. 6 and announced around Nov. 20.

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