Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Sex and the City’ Tutu Sold at Auction

A tutu from Sex and the City has sold for $52,000.

The tulle skirt, which was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in character as Carrie Bradshaw on the iconic show, has sold at auction for a price well above the estimate.

Although Julien’s Unstoppable: Signature Styles Iconic Women in Fashion auction initially predicted a price between $8,000 and $12,000, the three-tiered white skirt went for around five times that.

It was in the top three items sold at the auction, only beaten in value by a dress worn by Princess Diana, and a Givenchy outfit worn by Grace Kelly when she met former president John F. Kennedy.

Both of those items each sold for $325,000.

Carrie’s tutu was originally bought in New York City for just $5 by Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field.

The listing on the auction site reads: “The iconic skirt was purchased by Field, who found it while shopping for the series in New York’s garment district in a five-dollar bin.

“Parker’s character was originally going to wear a spring 1998 Marc Jacobs runway dress (seen on Kate Moss) in the opening credits, but Field wanted to style her in something that wasn’t specific to the time so it wouldn’t date fashion-wise.

“She showed the skirt to Parker who loved the idea.”

It’s one of five skirts used on the show, with multiple versions required because of a scene where Sarah, who still owns one of the originals, was splashed by a passing bus.

Reflecting on the scene, Sarah, who has reprirsed her role as Carrie in revival series And Just Like That, previously told Vogue magazine: “We rehearsed it, we timed it, as you do, you kind of get all the pieces together without adding the liquid.

“And then you go for it, and I think we got it done probably in one or two takes.”

She added: “When you’re doing a scene where you’re getting splashed, you have to find something that has multiples.

“But it can’t just simply be multiples, it has to be artistically, sartorially… it has to fit a lot of criteria.

“So Pat and I, as we always did, talked about a bunch of choices and at the end of the day, this is where we landed.”

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