Ristlynn Dazzles With New Song “I’m Going Down”

Ristlynn is venturing on a new adventure with his new track “I’m Going Down.”

Ristlynn is no stranger to the spotlight after several hit releases and top-tier music videos. He connects with his listeners by serving up intensely emotive sounds. He favours organic sounds that are bound with detail and a unique sense of style. The new track features a stripped beat that is further detailed with unforgettable string pads introduced into a soulful vocal creation.

The alluring and unique breakdown of the track only adds intrigue to an already interesting image.

The song was also released with a fun and simple music video that elevates his status as an artist. The visuals are entertaining, as Ristlynn skates down the street with his friends playing guitar.

His elastic rhythms and emotive chords packed with minimal percussion and sparse beats make for a lasting impact.
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