Reddit Calls Out ‘Misogynistic’ Man Who Made ‘Sexist’ Car Joke

A man on Reddit says he is a feminist, but his sexist jokes about his wife’s new car don’t seem to support his claim. Now, the internet is calling him misogynistic.

On Reddit, the man explained that after his wife’s car experienced some engine trouble, her mechanic urged her to get a new vehicle. Though he believed the car could be fixed, his wife opted to listen to her mechanic’s expertise.

“Her mechanic is actually a woman, and she trusts her for that reason, and she thinks she is a great mechanic,” he wrote via Reddit.

The man’s wife “sold her old car and bought a used one that was much newer from a lady,” he continued, adding he believes she bought the car because she “fell in love with the color” and thought it “looked cute.”

“It is a fine car, and I have no issues with it, but it just seemed like an odd reason to get a car to me,” he shared.

Recently, his wife noticed that her new car featured an AWD [all-wheel drive] badge and she asked him what it stood for.

“I joked and said it was something they put on, and it is a club called Association of Woman Drivers where women get together to talk about their cars and car troubles and help each other,” he wrote, claiming he believed his wife would realize he was joking.

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Instead, she took him seriously. “She said she would consider joining it,” he recalled.

Later, when his wife Googled AWD hoping to find enrollment information for the club her husband had mentioned, she realized he had lied to her.

“She got really upset and called me an [a–hole]. I don’t get why she is so offended by such a small joke as I would have told her eventually what it means,” he concluded his post.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the man for teasing his wife with “sexist” car jokes and called him out for other “misogynistic” red flags in his post.

“Your wife needs to improve her knowledge on investing in and caring for a motor vehicle. However, I felt all kinds of underlying misogyny in your post (re: the mechanic, bought it ‘from a lady,’ association of women drivers). Like just stop and be helpful to your partner,” one person commented.

“You seem insecure. Are you a little preoccupied with the fact that your wife id’s as a feminist and supports women who work in nontraditional fields? Your dismissal of her mechanic, claiming your wife only likes her because of her gender? Is classic bull—t designed to make it impossible for this person to be evaluated on the merits of her work. You have work to do. I hope she leaves you and marries a fellow feminist. Or someone at least a bit more secure,” another user weighed in.

“Very into feminism,” another commented sarcastically alongside a red flag emoji.

“Not even all that underlying. Blatant, in-your-face misogyny,” someone else wrote.

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