Bridesmaid’s Best Friend’s Fiance Confesses Love for Her

A woman was shocked when her best friend’s fiancé confessed his “undying love” for her just days before the wedding.

The shocking story was revealed during a recent episode of the popular Girls Overheard podcast, during which the hosts read a letter from a listener who claimed the groom-to-be sent her a slew of confessional texts right before his wedding.

The woman, who was also a bridesmaid at the wedding, shared it was the “biggest secret” she’s ever had to keep.

“What he wrote in the texts is some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me although obviously highly inappropriate. He’s loved me from afar for months and has never known what to do about it,” the hosts read aloud.

“This was two days before his wedding to my friend which I was a bridesmaid at. I had to stand there as they exchanged vows. As they asked if anyone objected my insides were screaming but I just couldn’t say anything, especially after they let everyone know they’re pregnant at the wedding,” the letter continued.

Watch a clip from the podcast below:

The hosts declared that the note was straight out of the rom-com Love Actually, which features a similar storyline surrounding Keira Knightley’s character.

In the comments section, users were shocked by the woman’s note, with many slamming her for not saying something to her friend.

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“She’s not a good friend, she should’ve told her,” one person wrote.

“Why didn’t she tell her friend? Would have saved her from lots of future hurt,” another commented.

“Nah, that’s savage that she let her marry him! I had to tell a girl she was being cheated on and I didn’t even know her! Not telling a friend is cruel,” someone else determined.

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