Rayvon & Sugar Bear – ‘I See You’

Barbados born Rayvon, known as the “ambassador of hip hop reggae” has teamed up with international dancehall reggae performer and Jamaican native Sugar Bear: the result can only be an absolute smash hit. Based in New York, the pair have released their single, ‘I See You’, and will feature on rapper Wreckit Ralf’s upcoming release, ‘Wondergirl’, set to come out in the summer.

In the video for ‘I See You’ somehow manage to merge sensuality with wholesomeness. The song is a bright dancehall track, revolving around kings who know how to treat their queens in the right way. Rayvon and Sugar Bear eat up the scenery, accompanied by dancers, whose steps range from breakdancing through to dancehall. The men meet up with their ladies at sunset, dressed ready for an incredible night on the town. They start out in Manhattan, down on the waterfront, the city’s glow lighting them up. The beat is palpable, the lyrics take a candid turn, and altogether the vibe is right on target.