Radiator King's "Madame Marie" Is a Wistful Look Back on Childhood (premiere)

If Adam Silvestri channeled elements of Springsteen as Radiator King when he first graced PopMatters with “So Long (Charlie)”, now the NYC Americana artist is looking to 1970s pop-rock this side of Elton John. Centered on a wistful piano progression, Radiator King’s “Madame Marie” is a gorgeous ballad that looks back on the innocence of childhood. Shining through the understated anthem is a sweet sentiment of childlike wonder. Looking ahead through younger eyes, there’s a clean slate to be filled with one’s wildest dreams. The clear skies that Radiator King uses as his canvas effortlessly capture this feeling through sepia-tinted lenses, longing to keep that zest for life kicking into adulthood.

Available on 21 July, “Madame Marie” is available to pre-save now. “Madame Marie” is featured on Radiator King’s upcoming LP, Unborn Ghosts, due out on 21 August. It, too, is available to pre-save.