“Queen Of The Spiders” By Thor Will Become A Halloween Classic

Thor dropped a most exciting single called “Queen Of The Spiders” and we love it. The heavy metal and rock band has the secret to making the perfect song that is not too rough and not too soft either. Weaving into the music their powerful drum beats and the celestial sounds of the electric guitar, the Canadian band makes a song worth remembering.

Thor took up a new angle with this song, giving it a wondrous comic 2D animation instead of the mainstream standard. “Queen Of The Spiders” already has thousands of streams like the band’s other popular songs “We Will Fight Forever” feat. Neil Turbin and “Because We Are Strong”. 

The members of the band are Jon Mikl Thor as lead vocalist, Frank Soda on lead guitar, Rob Blackburn on keys and guitar, Scott Young on drums, and Kevin Stuart Swain on bass and as a producer.

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