Queen Of Rhythm & Dance Strikes Again: Alice The G00N Drops New Single Called “Go”

Alice The G00N releases yet another single this year, and the American artist is already having an influence on her popular genre of rhythm and dance. Her newest addition to the portfolio is “Go,” the most melodically rich composition dropped by The G00N as the track pushes fourth 80s inspired pink diva vibes while making the listener feel the magic of what Alice The G00N has to offer.  

A true independent musician who does it all, Alice The G00N described her process, saying “If I sound different and unique, it’s because I’m making music that speaks to my own experience and comes directly from the source. The music is all me, from concept to completion.” Her relentless productivity is one of the reasons for her rapid success.

With her first two songs “Who Do You Love?” and “Lucky” already reaching tens of thousands of streams, Alice The G00N is looking to break those records with her latest hit “Go.”

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