Premiere: Andy Keels Announces The Release Of A Music Video For His Debut Single “Dead To Me,” Off Upcoming EP Fifteen Years

UK-born actor, songwriter, singer, and producer Andy Keels, who has been residing in NYC for the past three years, luckily for us all got inspired and decided to keep us anticipated for his debut EP Fifteen Years that he is going to release soon.

Today, he is sharing with us the music video premiere to his strong, indie/pop/rock genre single “Dead To Me.” The single explores both the past and the future of roots rock music, yet Andy somehow keeps the perfect balance when he blends both influences in his beautiful and raw track.

Speaking of beauty, you will not be able to ignore the emotions that Andy expresses in the music video that makes you go through the same pain that he does: hills arousing from the ground as if they reached for the sky, lake with hilly crowns, like the hoof prints of some celestial horse – those symbols are as beautiful as melancholy whipping. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch the premiere to his deeply moving track titled “Dead To Me” off his upcoming EP Fifteen Years, which reveals Andy’s exploration of loss and betrayal.