Pop's Alvarez Kings Find "Words I Couldn't Say" (premiere)

“Words I Couldn’t Say” is the new single from South Yorkshire quartet Alvarez Kings. The pop-driven single demonstrates how the group has come to win the hearts and ears of pop fans over the years, its tunefulness and emotionally-charged lyrics leading listeners deeper into the fold.

Vocalist Simon Thompson notes, “The song came about when I was turning our spare room at home into our baby’s nursery as the acoustics were awesome. I was writing songs off of the back of some pretty extensive touring over the years. There were definitely some issues with alcohol and substance abuse as a result, which impacted heavily on relationships. It’s not necessarily an autobiography or about one person in particular. It’s a story of an uncontrollable collision course of self-destruction from drug and alcohol abuse, the desolation of a failed relationship, and self-blame. ‘Words I Couldn’t Say’ is the burden of the truth and a lie that is too heavy to carry.”