Pop Prodigy Emily Litta Back With Music Video For Latest Single “Show Up”

Prodigious singer-songwriter Emily Litta returns with a fantastic music video reminiscent of the 90’s to pair her latest single titled “Show Up.” 

Directed and shot by Alex Klover Guccione and Paul Guccione, the visuals mainly capture the artist alone in what seems to be a Vogue fashion shoot or behind-the-scenes footage from the 90’s or early 2000’s. These two eras speak dearly to Emility Litta as she extracts most of her inspiration from these periods to enrich her songs with a unique feel. 

The song was written by Emily Litta and Mauro Colangelo, produced and arranged by Mauro Colangelo, mixed by Simone Carbone and mastered by Wider Studio Music. 

“Show Up” is all about the struggles and unseen battles people face, a raw and unfiltered dive into the artist’s inner world and mindset. 

Speaking about her newly released single and music video, Emily Litta shares: “It’s a confession to all of my fears and shortcomings, but it also acknowledges these struggles as a necessary driving force that moves us forward. Oftentimes, we are so quick to list the negatives and be hard on ourselves when the key really is to pat yourself on the back and say: ‘hey kiddo, look how far you’ve come. You’re doing great.’ It’s also a thank you note to those that lift us up and keep us going.”