Photography + Review: Future Islands

Posted: by The Editor

Future Islands kicked off their tour this week in Boston and set their new era in motion, touring in support of their new album “People Who Aren’t There Anymore”. Thematically, the new record tackles numerous facets of absurdity in life and it was fitting to hear these songs after the week New Englanders have been having. One day, the Celtics are setting world records, the next, our state is breaking record high temperatures. 

Future Islands’ vocalist Samuel Herring has previously stated that he wants the audience to move at their shows and it’s no surprise why. From the get go, he used every square inch of the stage to choreograph different dances for each song. When it came to upbeat songs such as “King of Sweden”, Samuel made sure to interact with all the fans on the barricade and get them in sync with his movements. This cascaded into each row behind them locking into a rhythm together. To call this a live show almost feels like an understatement, since it felt more like a theatrical performance.

When it came to slower songs such as “Corner of My Eye” and “City Face’, everyone took a moment to connect and feel the shared space that was a brief moment of release. One thing we also noted was how little phone use there was at this show, even during these quieter moments. It’s fair to say their crowd interaction and choreographed show lends itself to a more “in the moment” show and separates Future Islands from the rest.

All good things must come to an end and that is true for this show as well, however, that isn’t without an encore!. To officially close out the night, Future Islands performed “Ancient Water”, “Vireo’s Eye”, and “Little Dreamer” for their three song encore. This show was true performance art and we’d recommend everyone grab tickets HERE before they sell out.


Kyle Musser//