People Are Calling Out This Boyfriend Who Wakes His Girlfriend At 4 A.M. Daily And Makes Her Sleep In The Living Room

A few people called out the tricky dynamics of a 35-year-old man dating a 24-year-old woman.

“This seems to be a pretty common theme with couples that have a ‘big’ age difference. For some reason, these older dudes feel the need to push their younger partners around when they feel like it. Tell him to go sleep on the couch or get a hammock or whatever. Why are his needs more important than yours?” user GabagoolMutzadell said.

“There’s a reason he’s 35 years of age and chose to snag a 24-year-old. Usually, there’s a red flag when guys cannot vet or obtain women their own age,” user Guiderail-MothQueen agreed.