On-Air Meteorologist Says Colleague Likes to Be ‘Double Fisted’

A meteorologist in Philadelphia delivered the ultimate Freudian slip on live TV when she said her colleague likes to be “double-fisted.” But get your head out of the gutter, because that’s not what she meant!

On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), Action News Mornings Philadelphia viewers were stunned to hear meteorologist Karen Rogers deliver one of the wildest on-air statements ever to grace a live news channel.

While attempting to ad-lib a cute cut to the traffic report, Rogers cued up her fellow news anchor Jessica Boyington by holding up her two weather remotes and joking, “And to another woman who likes to be double-fisted in a different way, I think, Jess.”

But her statement wasn’t meant to be taken lewdly — she just meant that Boyington enjoys a drink or two!

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Boyington was visibly mortified. She frantically attempted to explain her clueless co-worker’s hilarious blunder.

“She means beer. She means beer!” Boyington insisted, as the rest of the news crew laughed uncontrollably off camera.

“Guys, she means beer. Don’t put me on YouTube! My God. We’re gonna take a pause,” Boyington pleaded, laughing.

Unfortunately, it was too late for poor Boyington: Footage of the funny on-air flub has already gone viral online.

Watch the hilarious moment unfold, below:

Of course, live news bloopers are nothing new. From cringe-inducing mispronunciations to shocking swear-word slip-ups, even the best news anchors have accidentally messed up on air over the years!

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