Older People Are Sharing The Fashion And Beauty Trends Of Younger People That Confuse Them, And The Generational Divide Is So Real

21 Generational Fashion Trends That Confuse Older People

We recently asked the older members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which fashion and beauty trends of younger people confuse them. Here’s what they had to say:


“I’m only 30, but I HATE fanny packs, and for the love of tacos, calling it a belt bag makes it even worse.”



“Lip filler! Every other young woman at the mall has massive, swollen lips that look like she got stung by a bee. It looks painful.”



“Crew socks pulled up to the knees almost! It looks stupid.”



“Hair middle parts and the hatred of side parts. Almost no one’s face is symmetrical. Middle parts highlight the asymmetry, make your hair look flat, and for some people, make your face less flattering.”



“I don’t understand young women wearing oversized, baggy shirts that are so big you can’t tell if there are shorts on underneath IN PUBLIC.”



“Septum piercings. The large ‘booger collector’ hog rings kids stick in their noses. I see nothing appealing about them and find it hard to take people seriously.”



“Ripped jeans or pants that cost an enormous amount of money. I mean the really big holes that leave you feeling the breeze. Why not just rip some old jeans you already have or buy a standard pair at a reasonable price and tear them apart yourself?”



“I have no issue with stylistic choices like sneakers and dresses, but honestly, I’ve been surprised with the lack of professional wardrobe. What happened to dressing for the job you want?”



“Wearing the colorful pimple patch stickers in public. If it’s something you want to COVER, why would you want to DRAW ATTENTION to it?”



“Crop tops. Every thing is a crop top. It’s done. Let it die.”



“The tooth gems people stick on their teeth…Why?”



“Bike shorts. Just reminds me of P.E.”



“Any version of the mullet that has seemed to come back around. Just…WHY?”



“The ’80s dad mustache. I’m all for people looking however they want, but some styles I can’t help but question.”



“Yeezy sneakers, Crocs, and other big, plastic, cheap-looking, impractical footwear.”



“The top mop look or flipped out hat hair for boys. It’s early 2000s middle school all over again in the dumbest way. I get that we all have to go through this, but it still doesn’t take the cringe away.”



“I’m not a fan of the fluffy eyebrows that they laminate to look like two spiky caterpillars over their eyes. I’m all for full brows and being natural, but these are too much.”



“I can’t stand drawing over the cupid’s bow with lip liner. Apparently it’s supposed to make the lips look fuller, but to me it just makes lips weird and messy. There is something appealing about the cupid’s bow being defined or emphasized.”



And finally, “Socks with slides or sandals, as we call them. These are what our fathers and grandfathers wore. Socks with sandals were only worn by younger people classed as geeks! It’s a hideous look that I’ll never understand.”


What are some other fashion and beauty trends of younger generations that you find silly? Let us know in the comments (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous).