Kylie Jenner Explained The “Lines” On Her Cheeks After “Nasty” Claims That She Messed Up Her Face With Excessive Fillers

Kylie Jenner Broke Down Over Comments About Her Looks

During an emotional conversation, Kylie Jenner got brutally honest about how “nasty” online commentary has impacted her throughout her life in the spotlight.

In January this year, some photos and videos of Kylie at Paris Fashion Week sparked discussions online about her appearance. Fans and medical experts took to social media in droves to speculate about her looks, with one TikTok video analyzing what may have “gone wrong” with her alleged injectable fillers amassing over 3.5 million views and 2,400 comments.

For context, when Kylie’s appearance noticeably changed around 2015, she confessed to having had lip fillers to increase her self-confidence. Aside from that, the makeup mogul has denied having any other work done to her face, saying last year that it’s a “big misconception” that she’s had “lots of surgery.”

And now, in the latest episode of The Kardashians, we got an inside look at how Kylie dealt with all the commentary about her appearance at the start of the year — with the hate seemingly taking its toll after many years.

Chatting with her sister, Kendall Jenner, Kylie brought up the Paris photos. She revealed that the harsh commentary came after she consciously decided to wear less makeup to that runway show.

A lot of the speculation about Kylie’s looks in January was sparked by the appearance of slight creases in her cheeks, which one plastic surgeon suggested on TikTok can “occur as a consequence of injections of filler.” However, while addressing the online conversations about her face, Kylie noted that she’s had “these lines” for many years.

After spending “10+ years” reading and hearing “nasty” comments about her looks, Kylie said she feels “so numb” and questioned why anyone “thinks that it’s OK” to speak or write such rude things. In response, Kendall suggested it’s because of how their family has been “dehumanized.”

In a testament to how much Kylie’s looks have been scrutinized by the public, there’s been speculation for years that she may have been gradually dissolving her lip fillers. In her conversation with Kendall, the mom of two confirmed this, saying she “went on a journey [in] the last year” of dissolving “half [her] lip filler.”

Talking in more detail about the comments she reads on social media, Kylie refuted the narrative that she somehow deserves to have her looks picked apart because she “did it to herself” and “fucked up her face.”

After Kendall reassured her sister by telling her she’s “never looked younger” and “never looked better,” Kylie talked in her confessional about the importance of rising above the hate.

The Kardashians can be streamed on Hulu in the US and Disney+ internationally. The next episode drops on June 27.