New Music Video: John Doe – “Cheguei Pra Ficar”:

John Doe releases a long awaited exotic banger titled “Cheguei Pra Ficar.” John Doe is not an artist but a household name under which many artists collaborate to create the tracks released. John Doe is actually a name used when the true name of a person is unknown or is being intentionally concealed.

On a mission to allow audiences to discover some of the most skilled emerging artists out there, John Doe brings together singers, beatmakers, songwriters, producers and sound engineers to work on the inspiring music they have so far displayed through their debut single, “c’est la fin du monde,” and now with their latest release, “Cheguei Pra Ficar.” “c’est la fin du monde” is a french electro-pop single with conscious lyrics talking about the global crisis we are facing as humans, while “Cheguei Pra Ficar” is an exotic number offering a fantastic fusion of samba and baile funk.