Morning Arcade's "Cold Shoulders" Is an Atmospheric, Dreamy Debut

Morning Arcade are a new indie rock band out of Cardiff, Wales that create atmospheric, even pastoral, soundscapes. The band’s approach is subtle and understated, lending their debut single, “Cold Shoulders”, a quiet power. The vocals are dreamy and get more so as the song progresses, and the tempo decreases into pure ethereal bliss. Morning Arcade acknowledge synthwave as a major influence, and it’s quite evident, as that gives the group another dimension beyond straight-ahead guitar-based rock.

The band says that “‘Cold Shoulders’ was written in response to the constant stream of news surrounding environmental destruction, and in the song, I call out the indifference we all have towards it in some way. The line ‘only you can save the world’ is aimed at those in power able to make a change but also to every person on the planet.”