Monophasic, Biphasic or Polyphasic Sleep: Which Is Best?

When we sleep, we sleep right? Who knew that there were actually three different types of sleep schedules or patterns? Let me explain.

While two of them are generally mainstream, the third one feels like a new trend some people are trying out, especially if it works with their life schedule according to the Healthline website.


For most of us, we’re awake during the day working and doing life while sleeping at night. If you work overnight then it’s the opposite, however, you’re still sleeping once per day for the most part, hoping to get that six to eight hours each day.


We all love naps when we can get them, especially when they naturally happen maybe over the weekend or a quick 30-minute power nap here and there during the week.   However, for many, it’s their natural sleep pattern.

Instead of the monophasic sleep schedule, these people sleep twice per day. There’s the main, longer sleep pattern with a nap halfway through the day. This is common for those who start work at four or five in the morning, for example.


While this is natural for babies who sleep at least three times daily if not more, some adults have experimented with this pattern, or have naturally fallen into the schedule due to their lifestyle.

According to the Sleep Foundation website, polyphasic is the most regimented sleep schedule where you actually don’t sleep nearly as many hours overall in a 24-hour period. The goal is more awake time for productivity. There are three kinds of polyphasic patterns.

  • Uberman Sleep Schedule: Six 20-minute naps spaced evenly throughout the day, totaling two hours of sleep per day.
  • Everyman Sleep Schedule: Sleeping for three hours during the night and supplementing with three 20-minute naps throughout the day.
  • Triphasic Sleep Schedule: Three short sleep periods between dusk and dawn with a four to five nap during the day.

Happy woman stretching in bed after waking up.



So which is best for you? As you can see, it depends on what fits your lifestyle and where you feel the most rested.

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