Monokino Releases New Music Video – “No Return”

George van Wetering, lead singer and songwriter for the Dutch band Monokino, has recently released a new music video for the single “No Return,” exclusively sung in Mandarin Chinese by the skilled artist. Monokino has lived for a long time in China, and it is since the beginning of the pandemic that he found himself stuck in Amsterdam where he stayed since then. In China, he was going through many tough moments both related to his work and his personal life, two elements that played a major role in him composing this hauntingly beautiful song. At the intersection of indie, pop, and rock, “No Return” is the kind of single that loops in your head for days even if, frankly, we cannot understand the exact meaning of the lyrics. 

The music video created for “No Return” is a sublime visual work that complements the music and helps convey the emotions George is translating in the song. 

Watch “No Return” below, and get hypnotized by the Monokino’s unique sonic universe: