Married Woman’s Brother Complains About Hearing Her Having Sex

A married man on Reddit claims his brother-in-law snitched on him and his wife after he overheard them having sex in their own home while he was visiting.

Aside from being embarrassing, the situation has now caused a rift in their family.

“One night, myself and my wife get a bit frisky and start having sex,” the man, 26, wrote in his Reddit post, explaining he and his wife live in their own apartment together.

The wife’s brother, who was visiting and staying overnight, heard them having sex “from our spare room and decided to complain to her parents that we were being too loud and not taking his feelings into consideration.”

The man was surprised when his in-laws took their son’s side and gave the couple “a whole lot of grief.”

“After this, I said he can f— off and stay with his parents while he’s here because it’s my house, and I’ll do whatever I want in my house,” the man continued.

However, his reaction didn’t sit well with his wife, who has decided she will no longer be intimate with him while her brother stays in their home.

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Reddit users were divided with their opinions in the comments section.

“I get it’s your home, and you can do what you’d like blah blah blah, but ‘don’t f— loud enough to disturb your guest’ isn’t an unreasonable ask. And listening to your siblings have sex is an uncomfortable situation for both siblings, so it’s no wonder your wife isn’t enthusiastic about having sex knowing her brother can hear her,” one person commented.

“I understand the guest feeling uncomfortable, but instead of talking to them or at least his sister, he went to his parents about a married couple having sex in their home! I agree with [original poster] … he should be at his parent’s home!” another wrote.

“That is ridiculous. It’s a married couple having sex in their own bedroom. Get a life,” someone else chimed in.

“Her adult brother called his parents — your in-laws — about this? WTF?? I know this isn’t how this works, but … her brother has issues and should go stay with precious Mummy and Daddy,” another wrote.

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