Married Man Admits He Fell in Love With Stripper

A 35-year-old man on Reddit admitted he has fallen in love with an exotic dancer he often visits to supposedly escape his broken marriage.

“I am in an abusive relationship with my wife for the last 10 years. I stick it out so I can be around my [4-year-old] daughter but every so often I take back the power from being humiliated and abused on a daily basis by going to a strip club (I do this once a year) and once there I pretend the girl grinding on my nethers has feelings for me,” he wrote.

“Normally it would be purely a carnal exchange/fantasy and I would move on with my life. But the last time the girl chatted my ears off during the session. I was taken aback but ended up spending a lot of money and 45 mins with her and the moments we shared felt very intimate or at least as much as my ape brain could ponder,” the man continued on Reddit.

The man revealed he has fallen in love with the dancer, and now often goes to visit her at the club.

“I kissed her during passionate moments and [she] even gave me her Instagram with very little persuasion. I asked her to sit with me afterwards and she agreed and spent the night with me from 9PM until 1 o’clock in the morning. We spent the whole night trauma dumping on each other and sharing some laughs,” he recalled.

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After returning home one evening, the man realized the lust he initially felt for the dancer had been replaced by “a new set of confusing feelings.”

“I spent the whole night looking at her eyes… I had ample opportunity to stare at her other body parts and had no inclination. I just wanted to be around her. I didn’t give her my name because I could lose everything if my wife found out. This hesitance seemed to upset her which I understand since she had given me her name,” he shared.

Since then, he’s been communicating with her on Instagram, but her responses have been “short and she never initiates communication,” though she will “respond in kind if I say something naughty.”

“Am I a moron? My head is telling the facts and there is no chance of her reciprocating my feelings… but my heart wants to believe… What should I do? Should I take a chance on love and maybe ruin my life in the process?” the man asked Reddit, concluding his post.

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Users in the comments section didn’t hold back.

“Buddy, she doesn’t like you, she likes your money. Focus on ending your marriage, and then you can pursue the type of relationship you want to have with someone who is NOT a stripper,” one person wrote.

“She is not into you, she is into your money, simple as that. It is a business transaction and she did a great job selling you,” another chimed in.

“Yes. You are a moron. Leave your abusive relationship and seek out a healthy one where you do not pay for someone’s time,” someone else commented.

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