Man Upset Brother Asked if He’s ‘Divorced Yet’ in Front of New GF

A man on Reddit says his brother was furious with him after he asked if he and his wife had gotten a divorce yet… in front of his new girlfriend!

He explained that his brother and his wife have been separated for six years, but she is waiting for him to file for divorce as he’s the “one who left her.”

“Last week, I was in town and met this new girl he’s been seeing for a month or so. We were having dinner and drinks, and it just slipped out of me … ‘so are you fully divorced now, it’s been [six] years?’ The table went silent. He started saying he didn’t know what I was talking about, that I’m crazy, and stupid, and he got divorced [six] years ago … to shut up and not talk anymore,” he wrote in his post.

“This was towards the end of the dinner, I paid my share and left quickly after getting the stink eye from both my bro and his new [girlfriend],” the man continued on Reddit.

A few hours later, the man’s brother sent him a string of angry messages, calling him the “worst names possible, and then he told my mom and she started berating me as well.”

“I feel like an a– now, but it was an accident and I had no idea he’s been lying to these women he’s been dating. I feel like since we had a few drinks, I may have been tipsy and not thinking before I spoke… but sheesh, no reason to call me the worst possible names out there,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments backed the man and slammed his brother for not being forthright to his date.

“I don’t think you did anything wrong. Your brother may be making a very costly mistake not divorcing her [six] years ago. Unless, of course, his wife has a better job and more money than he does, because the longer the marriage, the more likely you’ll be splitting your retirement, paying alimony, etc.,” one person wrote.

“The only reason you’re an a–hole is because you didn’t invite me to witness the looks on everyone’s faces,” another chimed in.

“You are giving your brother far too much benefit of the doubt. You did nothing wrong. If he actually was fully divorced, he wouldn’t have been angry with you,” someone else commented.

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