Man Refuses to Attend Son’s ‘Absurd’ Destination Wedding

A dad on Reddit revealed his adult son is angry that he and his wife won’t be able to attend his lavish, last-minute destination wedding in France this upcoming January.

“Make this clear, we didn’t think it would be in France since he changed wedding ideas so many times. Also we thought it would be fall of 2024. January came out of nowhere. This is about my oldest, he has always wanted to travel the world and he just told us that he will have his wedding in France,” he wrote, explaining his son wants his family to do a “mini trip” to France for his nuptials and has even already booked a small church for the wedding.

“We thought he was joking when it first happened because he has said so many destinations at this point. I also thought it would be in a year at least but the invites came today. It is in four months in France,” the man continued on Reddit.

“I told him it is absurd that he thinks we would be able to go. I don’t have the PTO (already used most of it this year), our youngest is in school, we don’t have the money to have five (wife and three minor kids) people take plane trips to France and I don’t think my wife even has a passport,” the frustrated father added, sharing he and his son got into a “huge argument.”

Now, the dad is wondering if he’s being unreasonable by not making more of an effort to go to his son’s wedding abroad.

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Users in the comments section mostly sided with the dad.

“Whoever wants a destination wedding should be prepared that loved ones can’t attend. Getting time off, finding accommodations, getting paperwork done and being able to afford it are no small obstacles,” one person wrote.

“In my opinion, destination weddings are for the ultra wealthy only. Anyone else is just backdoor excluding people, consciously or not,” another commented.

“Weddings are about the couple getting married, it’s about making a commitment to each other and celebrating their love for each other. If travel or a specific destination is important to a couple, then absolutely they can have a destination wedding (even if they are not ‘ultra wealthy’). What they can’t do, however, is expect everyone else to pony up the money/time to celebrate with them at their chosen destination,” someone else chimed in.

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