Man Leaves Husband Who Filmed Him Falling Out of Shower

A man on Reddit has temporarily left and is not currently on speaking terms with his husband, who pranked him by buttering their bathroom floor to film him slipping and post it online for viral clout.

“I woke up at 6AM to go to work, I was taking a shower and everything was OK but as I stepped out of the shower I fell down, I touched the floor and it was greasy so my husband came out of our room with a camera recording everything and laughing out loud,” the man wrote on Reddit.

“I wanted an explanation and he said it was just a prank, he had spread butter on the floor for me to fall down because his brilliant friends thought it was a great idea to play pranks on their spouses to post them online and ‘go viral,'” the man continued, revealing one of his husband’s friends even pushed their pregnant wife in the pool.

Feeling “vulnerable” and angry, the man left for work without saying anything.

“Throughout the day, I started analyzing the event and I found it childish, disrespectful and blatantly STUPID. I mean, thank heavens, nothing terrible happened, but what if I hadn’t grabbed the curtain and my head or neck had hit on the bathtub? I could be dead and I’m not joking, a severe head injury can be life threatening. I would never risk his integrity like that, because he is my husband. I respect him and I love him. He is usually very wise and smart but this time he acted like a f—ing teenager,” he shared.

After work, the man went to his dad’s house to “cool down.” Since then, he hasn’t been home or spoken to his husband in three weeks.

“I’m still angry at him (I asked my dad to go and pack my things, at first my husband didn’t want to let him in but he ended up allowing it). I haven’t even answered his calls and I’m seriously reconsidering our relationship. We’ve married for three years, he is caring and loving and had never done something as irresponsible and stupid like this,” he explained, adding his husband has been begging for forgiveness and asking Reddit for advice.

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In the comments section, readers backed the man for getting angry with his husband.

“My friend died from falling in the shower and hitting his head on the floor. Your husband could have killed you. For views,” one user commented.

“My mom tripped and fell in her bathroom in May. This resulted in her face completely [getting] shattered, a traumatic brain injury, and nonstop surgeries and health issues ever since. Her face was so shattered that they could not even reconstruct one side. Playing with people’s physical wellness is not okay. Leave him,” another advised.

“These dangerous videos pranking others to the extreme are never funny … anyone can get hurt unnecessarily, most of them are incredibly irresponsible and cruel,” someone else wrote.

“People literally die from slipping and falling in the shower/bathroom. Not to mention, most of us are butt naked or only wrapped in a towel in that situation, and his intent was to post it online? No,” another user weighed in.

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