Man Ends Engagement After Overhearing Fiancee Bullying His Ex

A man on Reddit called off his engagement after overhearing his fiancée bullying his ex-girlfriend.

“We have been together for three years. Engaged for one. Before her I dated Sarah. We are all acquaintances and while we don’t hang out with Sarah, occasionally we run into her. While my breakup with Sarah wasn’t amicable, we are very cordial now. We don’t talk,” he wrote.

However, when Sarah attended a party the man and his fiancée were recently at, her presence set his “fiancée on edge and I noticed that but I didn’t say anything because she’s an adult.”

“Then I overheard [my fiancée] talking to Sarah and some other girls. My fiancée was laughing and telling Sarah, ‘Oh my God, you are so fat now,'” he continued.

When Sarah walked away he confronted his fiancée, but she just “laughed and said it was nothing, Sarah did look like she gained weight.”

“She left to get more wine and one other friend told me that my fiancée always bullied Sarah. I don’t want to be married to a bully. I tried talking and discussing why it wasn’t OK with my fiancée but she was brushing it off, not seeing any problems,” he recalled.

Ultimately, the man broke up with her. Even after she started “crying and begging,” he told her it was over.

“I don’t want to be married to a bully,” he concluded.

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Users supported the man’s decision in the comments, with many slamming his ex-fiancée’s behavior.

“I get being jealous but that never gives the right for someone to bully and make someone feel so low. You barely interacted with Sarah and you proposed to your fiancée, there’s no reason to act this way when you chose her already. Even if you and Sarah do talk, there is no reason to body shame someone especially in front of an audience,” one person wrote.

“Dodged a bullet there. It’s important to stand up against bullying, even if it’s coming from someone close to you. You did the right thing by ending it,” another chimed in.

“You’ve made a wise choice. Kindness is effortless, while bullying and vindictiveness require significant effort,” someone else commented.

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