Listen To Biggie Babylon’s New Track “All In” For a Rush of Adrenaline

Biggie Babylon is known for being a rap artist that speaks across many levels. He was recognized for his nomination for Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards; Biggie is back again with yet another hit.

The single titled “All In” has fans highly excited and pumped for what the rapper has to say. Aside from compelling lyrics and tunes, the song was also released with a hot and heavy music video that reflects the artist’s originality and raw creativity. Throughout the video, Biggie is seen strolling around a private casino with dark rooms, flashing lights, and lots of exciting energy. As the rapper gambles his way through the visuals, he effortlessly spills those words and gets you up on your feet. Giving off just the right amount of swag, gangster feels, and good vibes, Biggie is establishing a unique timbre in the rap scene.

The music video will have you eager for the summer nights, and more importantly, it will become your driving factor to go all in.

Before committing to music for himself, Babylon managed and produced for several artists and exclusive projects. Later on, the artist was determined to take matters into his own hands and get behind the mic.