Justin Jay Drops New Single, "I Just Wanna Sleep," Ahead of Upcoming Album | Your EDM

Justin Jay has a way of capturing the scene’s attention. Whether you’ve caught his name on Dirtybird releases or the collaborative efforts with his Fantastic Voyage, Jay has a distinctive charisma across the many styles he tinkers with. In that way, his music is a catalogue of genre-fusing delights ranging from infectious tech-house to psychedelic indie-dance. But, on his latest single “I Just Wanna Sleep,” Justin Jay is  breaking new sonic barriers by diving deeper into his indie-rock mode.

On this new track, Justin Jay teams up with frequent collaborator Josh Taylor who have struck gold in previous songs like “Let Go” and “What Do You Want.” But unlike these upbeat tracks, “I Just Wanna Sleep” is a comfy rock song akin to the feeling of wanting ten more minutes in bed before getting the day started. The guitar work and synthesizer arpeggios pair well with both the main vocals and the cooing echoes. Together, these elements create a dreamlike quality while still remaining relatively grounded.

Last month, Justin Jay released the single “Stop” with Tima Dee that served as the first from his upcoming album Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2. His previous album which served as Part 1 established many of the dreamy-indie aesthetics that continue to be explored in Jay’s latest singles. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Josh Taylor also has his own album in the works with the title Breakfast in Bed.

Make sure to check out “I Just Wanna Sleep” from Justin Jay and Josh Taylor and make sure to to keep an eye out for Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2 coming out later this year.