Jacky Oh’s Death Certificate Was in DC Young Fly’s Stolen Bag

Comedian and actor DC Young Fly is pleading for a thief to return his stolen backpack because it contains an item of sentimental value: Jacky Oh‘s death certificate.

“Just politely find a way to get it back to me!!!! I had personal belongings in there!!!!” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post on Tuesday morning (Feb. 20).

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In a later video uploaded to Instagram that has since been deleted, the comedian reiterated that he just wants the bag back because it contained Jacky Oh’s death certificate in it, as well as other “personal belongings.”

“Jus drop it off Shawty .. don’t thro it away…. Drop it off discreetly at Hollywood improv,” he wrote in a third post.

“Hey, man, look. PSA to the little street homies. If you know your people’s out there down there by the Hollywood Improv … Look, ain’t nothing in the bag beneficial. You probably got about… a couple of dollars that I had. I don’t give a f–k about all that s–t. But just don’t throw the bag in the trash. Don’t throw the bag on the street. Just drop the bag off discreetly back at the Hollywood Improv and go about your business,” he pleaded in the video.

“I get it … I ain’t trippin’ on that. Just drop the bag off,” he added.

According to TMZ, fellow comedians D.L. Hughley and Earthquake have joined the effort to spread awareness of the missing bag in order to help their friend reunite with the lost death certificate.

DC Young Fly had three children with the late star, who passed away in May 2023.

Oh died after complications during a cosmetic surgery. Oh had flown to Miami, Fla., for a “mommy makeover” that she was open about on social media at the time.

An investigation later concluded there were no signs of foul play in her death and the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner ruled her death accidental.

The Wild ‘n Out star was just 33. She is survived by three children: Nova, 7, Nala, 3, and Prince’Nehemiah, 1.

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