Insecure Man Questioning Girlfriend’s ‘Secret’ Snapchat

A man on Reddit was roasted after sharing he was upset after finding out his girlfriend has a “secret story” on her Snapchat that he can’t see.

“I was on a vacation with my girlfriend like a month ago and she said she’s uploading something to her story,” he wrote, noting that when he didn’t see the story on her Snapchat profile, he became suspicious.

“I look in her phone and I see that she has secret story on Snapchat with like [a] few of her really close friends, like 12 friends, including her two sisters,” he continued on Reddit.

After discovering his girlfriend has a private Snapchat story that doesn’t include him as a recipient, he’s wondering if he should confront her about it or just let it go.

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Users in the comments defended the woman, with many suggesting that the man needed to work on himself in order to have a successful relationship.

“Bruh. A private Snapchat story is like a Snapchat group chat but the snap lasts all day. Why are you so bothered by it? Are you in every single group chat she talks to? She could literally be sending anyone anything on Snapchat and you wouldn’t know what it is or if you ‘approve.’ Either you trust her or you don’t,” one person wrote.

“I think you have issues you need to work on. You expect her to reply to you immediately or not post or do anything if she hasn’t and now she can’t have any type of privacy? My man, work on yourself,” another commented.

“She’s [allowed] privacy and having a just friends/family group. I think the real question is why does it upset you so much? No judgement at all here. You sound like you have insecurities that you really need to be working on here, it’s okay to be insecure but it’s a you problem,” someone else shared.

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