“Hoppel Poppel”: A New Hit Release by Nraakors

After diving into the first track from the album “Hoppel Poppel” by Iowa City experimental rock band, Nraakors, listeners will fall in love head over heels. The album is the perfect melting pot of various styles and genres.

The crew has the perfect capability to swing between downright grunge rock to an evolved version of hell-blues with nearly folky intermissions. Almost an hour of constant switches and perfect harmonization, “Hoppel Poppel” has proved itself impossible to describe. The band’s vocalist Gigi Macabre chimes in now and then for an occasional theatrical lead, and while other times she was swinging closer to grunge-like tunes. 

The band’s famous skills of swerving back and forth between genres never get old; in fact, it is what makes them ultimately unique and home to many fans. The track “A Dichotomy Paradox” brings to the mix a flamenco guitar, meanwhile “The Jack in the Box Gets a New Bicycle” gives off the perfect vibe taken from the soundtrack of a French film. Hoppel Poppel begs the question of how a small group of members (only 4) can compose such a labyrinth-like track.

Keep your radars on for this band’s upcoming projects and releases!