Gossiping Woman Disinvited From Girls Trip After Being Exposed

A woman caught her daughter-in-law bad mouthing her, so she disinvited her from an upcoming family vacation.

“I have two sons (two DILs) and two daughters. My youngest son got married recently and he reached out to me. He stated that Lindsey [his wife] was feeling excluded from the family. I invited all the girls for a weekend girls trip, paid for by me,” she wrote on Reddit.

She asked her daughters to reach out to her two daughter-in-laws and get them all together to “know each other better.”

“The girls’ night out was yesterday and all four were able to go. I got a call from my younger daughter this morning. She explains that they went to see a movie and then went to the bar. Lindsey started to s–t talk about me, it wasn’t pleasant,” the woman continued.

Apparently Lindsey “insulted” her a lot, and “basically said she doesn’t want to go on the girls trip with an old cow.”

Her daughter secretly got all of the insults on video.

“My daughter also explained she doesn’t want to be around someone that is two-faced. I asked if anyone else joined in, she told me no. My other DIL told her to stop and my oldest was pissed,” she recalled.

After thinking about it, she ended up texting Lindsey to inform her she was “uninvited” from their upcoming trip, telling her she feels it’s best they “don’t get closer.”

“I also sent her the video. My son and her are pissed that I uninvited her. I have received a lot of excuses about it. They both are calling me jerks. She is going around spreading that she was uninvited and I am tempted to just send the video in the group chat,” the hurt woman concluded her post.

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Users rallied behind the woman in the comments, with many arguing she did the right thing.

“Before sending the video to the group chat, send it to your son first,” one person wrote.

“She doesn’t get to trash talk you, and then benefit from you. Send your son the video. Right now it’s all her words being taken as truth, and he’s angry because he doesn’t have all the facts. Hopefully he will view it and understand your position. She did this to herself. You don’t need to accept her disrespect. Don’t invite her again. Actions have consequences,” another commented.

“Instead of just sending it, I’d go in the group chat and say something like, ‘Lindsey, would you like me to share the video about what really happened or would you like to explain the real reason why you were uninvited?’ Let her squirm over that. If she doesn’t own up to it, then send the video,” someone else suggested.

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