GOSS Creates an Electropop Anthem with "Everybody's Going"

Denmark’s GOSS is a rising electropop artist with a penchant for creating anthemic earworms and a history working with Mura Masa. “Everybody’s Going” is the alt-popper’s latest single, and it’s a dancefloor banger, an ode to the “deep end of the weekend” where “everyone is searching for some freedom”. Sadly, those times are on hold for ravers and dance fiends, albeit the occasional illegal rave. “Everybody’s Going” speaks to that nostalgia as we sit in our homes, staring into our devices, with an endless stream of “content” flowing past. Nostalgia is a powerful magnet these days, and GOSS’ song speaks directly to our collective ennui.

Goss told Complex that he has “a hard time deciding if its a party anthem or a FOMO song. I think it might be both. But it’s also a realization that you can’t live your life full on all the time for the rest of your life. I basically partied three days a week for ten years straight. That’s almost half of my days for ten years!!!?? And at some point, it just wasn’t fun anymore. It was a little hard to get used to not partying somehow because it had been such a natural part of my life for a long time. Looking back at it now, it feels completely insane.”