George Santos Expelled From Congress: Memes and Reactions

Former House representative George Santos has officially been expelled from Congress.

On Friday (Dec. 1), lawmakers ousted Santos in a strongly bipartisan 311 to 114 vote. Santos is the sixth House member to ever be expelled from Congress.

Fox News reports Santos is also the first representative to be expelled from Congress in more than 20 years.

The last expelled congress member, former representative Jim Traficant of Ohio, was voted out of Congress in 2002. Traficant was charged with and convicted of 10 felony counts related to racketeering and bribery.

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While Santos has not officially been convicted of a crime as of publishing, he currently stands indicted on over 20 counts related to wire fraud, identity theft, falsification of records and credit card fraud, as well as several other charges.

Santos has been accused of misusing funds from his campaign to purchase things such as Botox, Hermès fashions and other luxury goods and services.

Fox News reports Santos walked out of the House chamber before all votes had officially been cast. He did not answer any questions from reporters on his way out.

Santos previously told Fox & Friends that he expected to be expelled from the House.

Since news of Santos’ expulsion broke early Friday, the internet has been ablaze with hilarious memes and reactions to the chaotic ex-rep’s alleged bad behavior and bizarre time in the House.

Below, see some reactions and memes to George Santos getting expelled from Congress.

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