Fruit You Should Never Refrigerate

Sometimes clear countertops in your kitchen are a bad thing. When it comes to certain fruits, it’s best to find that favorite bowl for those fruits you’ve probably been storing in your refrigerator.

Look on the bright side, literally. The beauty you’ll add is worth taking up the space, especially since cold temperatures actually hinder the flavor of these delicious fruits. After the money we spend on them, getting the most out of the flavor is a must.

According to the Simplemost website, while we buy produce with the best of intentions we’ve all thrown it away when it gets rotten and if you’re putting certain fruit in your fridge then that is one cause of this nature’s bounty going bad quickly.

While grapes and berries belong in your refrigerator, the following do not.


Fruit like cantaloupe or watermelon belongs on your counter. According to Simplemost, they deteriorate much faster in the fridge while losing their vibrant flavor and texture.


Favorites like mangos, papayas, and pineapple are grown in the tropics and other subtropical areas of the world so it makes sense that these fruits are super sensitive to cold temps. They actually won’t ever develop their true flavor if stored in a fridge according to Simplemost.

I’ve never known anyone to store bananas in the fridge but this included bananas, too.


Oranges belong on the counter as do grapefruit, lemons, and limes. If you happen to put them in your fridge that’s okay however most people do that according to Simplemost because they think that helps keep them from ripening. The fact unlike apples, peaches, and pears that can continue to ripe a bit after being picked, these particular fruits don’t.


These fruits get their name because of the stone or pit in the middle like plums, peaches, and cherries. According to Bon Appetit putting these favorites in your fridge causes the scrumptious flesh to go mealy. If you want the juice-dripping-down-your-chin bite then keep them on your counter.


Surprisingly to some, it’s the warm sunlight while sitting on your counter that tomatoes thrive. Putting a tomato in the fridge according to Bon Appetit ruins the texture inside and out.

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