First Permanent ‘Friends’ Central Perk Coffeehouse Opening

“How you doin?”

Coming off of the unexpected death of the beloved Mathew Perry, many of us continue to mourn. And let’s be honest, Matthew himself would find something sarcastically hilarious to say about the very first, permanent Central Perk coffeehouse based on our favorite hang-out from Friends opening its first of several locations not in New York City, but rather in its competing city.

Yes, Boston will be the home of the very first Central Perk Coffeehouse.

I loved going to Boston’s Friends pop-up with my friends back in 2019. We got to hang out around the fountain, both apartments, Central Perk coffee shop, and see tons of memorabilia from the show that was touring around the country. Hopefully, you did too.

Now, Central Perk will be there for us, permanently as coffeehouses start to open with the first happening by 2024 in Boston’s popular, pricey, and touristy Back Bay neighborhood.

This Friends-inspired coffeehouse means something to fans because it’s where tears, laughs, and relationships ebbed and flowed during the incredible sitcom, including one of the most famous kisses in television history between Rachel and Ross.

Now it was supposed to open in time for pumpkin latte season in October or early November but has yet to unlock those doors. Is it out of respect for Matthew’s untimely passing? It would be hard to celebrate such an opening right now.

According to, it will be lovingly called Central Perk Coffeehouse based pretty closely on the cafe and coffeehouse at the very center of the forever popular ’90s sitcom, which actually ran from 1994-2006.  How many times have you watched the entire series? At least five times for me, first enjoying it during its original run when I was entering the real world just like the characters.

No word yet on what cities will see the next openings.

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