Fan Sells Taylor Swift’s Broken Heel to Raise Money

A lucky fan managed to catch the heel of Taylor Swift‘s boot during her concert and is selling it in hopes to raise enough funds for his cousin’s cancer treatment.

During Swift’s third concert of The Eras Tour in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, which was postponed from Nov. 18 to Nov. 20, her heel broke. She was in-between the first set of songs, she paused on stage. The “Lover” singer pulled off the broken heel of her custom Christian Louboutin boots and threw it off stage into the crowd.

According to the Christian Louboutin website, the designer made the bejeweled boots especially for The Eras Tour as a custom pair.

“The Maison produced a range of both custom and existing silhouettes in a variety of shapes and heels heights, featuring one by one hand-applied intricate crystal embroideries and colorways,” the designer’s website stated. Swift’s other costumes that she dons during her concerts are mostly custom designer, with each piece averaging thousands of dollars. The cheapest pair of retail Christian Louboutin shoes are worth over $1,000.

Watch the moment that Swift’s heel came off, below.

A Swiftie named Felipe Conrado, who purchased VIP tickets for all three nights that she was in Rio De Janeiro, caught her heel. He posted a photo to social media of the bedazzled heel with signature red bottom in his bag.

Although he is a huge fan of hers and would love to keep the piece for himself, he plans to sell the heel to raise money for his cousin, Ângela Conrado’s cancer treatments.

“As many have been following, we are in a large mobilization to help fund my cousin’s cancer treatment,” he wrote on Instagram.”If you can share… the link is in the bio.”

According to 36-year-old Angela (Bia) Conrado’s fundraising page, she was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) shortly after doctors removed a mole from her right arm and discovered the cancer through the biopsy results. She went into surgery in September for doctors to create a larger margin and remove the surrounding lymph node.

Conrado explained that she will need 12 immunotherapy sessions with the drug, Nivolumab, to make sure that the cancer does not spread. The medicine would cost her over R$ 9200 (over $700 U.S. dollars) monthly, which the Brazilian health care system would not pay for.

She uploaded documentation about her diagnosis and is suing the government to receive this treatment as part of her health insurance. She is hoping to raise enough money for three months worth of treatments which is the “typical” time that it would take a defendant to respond to a lawsuit.

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