Elite Runner Banned for Driving a Car During a 50-Mile Race

I’m sorry but this makes me giggle a bit because this scenario is something out of a funny movie or favorite sitcom. As a  matter of fact, I’m sure it’s been in several.

However, in this case, welcome to the real world where this elite ultramarathon runner who used a car during part of a race came in third place. In this funny, not funny situation, you would think a car would at least give her a first-place finish. Anyway, order has now been restored for the athlete who deserved that third-place trophy and medal.

Here’s how it all went down.

According to the BBC from the MSN website, a woman named Joasia Zakrzewski who is an ultramarathon runner now has a one-year ban by UK Athletics for using a car during the 2023 GB Ultras Manchester to Liverpool race. It was a 50-mile race.

Joasia even accepted the third-place medal and trophy last spring for finishing third in this ultra-marathon. What she apparently wasn’t expecting, or was hoping no one would notice, is that tracking information showed she used a car for 2.5 miles of the race.

According to the BBC, Joasia said she used the car and finished the race in a non-competitive way which would have been fine if she hadn’t accepted the third place trophy. She also told race officials with the independent disciplinary panel that she had brain fog and was planning to return the trophy. The problem with that is she never did. According to the BBC, she now admits she made a massive error and is devastated by her actions.

It’s really a shame because according to the BBC, the 47-year-old Joasia from Dumfries, Scotland who now lives in Sydney, Australia has quite the running resume including world records.

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