Electropop's Douglas Creates a Stunning World on "Cigarettes"

Douglas is one Amy Douglas White, an American electropop artist raised in Spain who picked up the landscape’s bright vista and infused it into her glittering music. Having performed with artists like M83 and West Indian Girl, Douglas is hardly a newcomer, but she is stepping out on her own as a solo artist with her debut LP, Ashes, releasing this March.

Like M83, Douglas creates big universes of sound, as one hears on her new single “Cigarettes”. Beginning modestly with pounding beats and some synth washes, Douglas layers her mesmerizing vocals atop the slowly growing instrumental portions. Sounds become more sparkly as the chorus reaches a crescendo, with Douglas leading the mix into an ever-expanding climax and denouement. If “Cigarettes” is any indication, Ashes will be very good indeed.

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