Datsik Continues His Attempted Comeback with New Postings

Oh, Datsik

9 hours ago, the disgraced DJ/producer broke his silence on social media with a “new pic, who dis?” type upload. Nothing screams comeback like a fresh new profile pic and cover photo. However, judging by the comments, the EDM world is not ready for the return of Datsik.

LOOKING BACK: Datsik’s Sexual Abuse Allegations & His Supposed Plans To Come Back

Despite his horrible excuse for an apology, the comments are unforgiving as ever…

Read the vibes of the bass music industry and stay away

Corona virus as a DJ

You’re pretty creepy. Even more so on Valentine’s day.

Is this the apology photo?

Datsik previously revealed he’s waiting on the “right time” for a comeback. We’re not sure what time that is, if ever, but it’s most definitely not now — and not with this pic.

Posted by DATSIK on Saturday, February 15, 2020


Photo via Piper Ferguson