SVDDEN DEATH Straight Up Levitated During His Surprise VOYD Set Last Night [VIDEO]

SVDDEN DEATH is on another level.

Quite literally, as he was physically levitating during his Valentine’s Day show at the Hollywood Palladium last night.

A fan’s tweet has gone viral after sharing, “i ended up having to go to @svddendeathdub alone and I swear to god it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m going to be talking about this surprise Voyd set for the rest of my life.”

The real kicker comes from fellow DJ/producer Eptic, however, “Damn i was feeling real confident about my new set/show im working on, and then i wake up to @svddendeathdub LEVITATING IN THE FUCKING AIR”

He adds, “do we all just quit dj’ing simultaneously or whats the protocol here?”

Your move, Eptic.

See the epic moment below.

SVDDEN DEATH Levitates During Show


Photo via Insomniac