Christmas Tree Prices Will Likely Increase for These Reasons

Prepare to shell out a little extra green for some evergreen this holiday season.

Industry experts say Christmas tree farms and lots will be jacking up prices for 2023 after string of challenging years.

Why Christmas Trees Cost More This Year

A report from Country Folks Grower says it typically takes a tree an average of six to eight years to grow to the height where someone would want to purchase it to decorate for Christmas.

“A lot can happen in a half a dozen years that can change the outlook for a Christmas tree crop from on season to the next,” the report says. “Farmers will be facing challenges in the 2023 Christmas tree season brought about by developments over the past several years.”

Country Folks Grower reported that drought conditions in various parts of the country in recent years are affecting the 2023 prices.




For some areas, rising Christmas tree prices have been an annual occurrence.

CNN reported prices increased by as much as 20% at some stands in 2022. The article attributed shipping cost as a major factor driving the increase last year.

Ways To Save Money On A Real Christmas Tree

Obviously, you could forgo the real tree in favor of an artificial one this year. But what about those who look forward to the smell of evergreen and their own traditions of having a live tree for the holidays?

Reader’s Digest offers some tips on how to save some cash if you absolutely must have a real Christmas tree this year.




One of the publication’s top suggestions is to consider where you’re buying your tree. A larger retailer may be better equipped to absorb higher costs.

“While it’s always nice to support a local farm or small business, keep in mind that prices will vary based on inventory levels,” the report states.

You can find more tips for saving money on real Christmas trees here.

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