Cardi B Says House Is Haunted by Ghost That Wants Sex With Her

Cardi B is convinced that a ghost is trying to get with her.

This past week, the “Up” hitmaker shared the outlandish theory with her fans during an Instagram Live. She revealed that her Los Angeles home is home to a ghost that wants to have sex with her.

“I start hearing like a fly sound, right? Bro, I haven’t been able to find the f—–g fly,” she said in a clip that was re-posted to social media. “I started hearing this sound in the hallway. It sounds like somebody’s on the phone.”

Because she was so frightened by the noise, she got one of her security guards to come inside and hear it for themselves. However, once they entered the room, the noise stopped.

“B—h, tell me how the sound is gone? It’s gone out of nowhere,” she recalled. “All I’m saying to you is that there’s a f—–g ghost or spirit in this f—–g house.”

Another unusual aspect about the noise is the fact that it only is heard when her husband, Offset, isn’t around.

“When I’m alone, it always wanna f–k with me,” she continued. “Mind you, when I be in the house in Atlanta or New York, there’s nothing.”

“I’m so disoriented because I’m so alone in this house with this f—–g ghost that clearly wants to f–k me because he only comes around when I’m here and by myself,” she noted before adding that she was considering renting a hotel room for the night.

“I’m f—–g over it,” she concluded.

This wasn’t the first time that the “Drip” rapper has spoken about her home being haunted and ghosts. “Who do you call to examine if there’s ghosts in your house?” she previously asked her Instagram followers in 2022. “… I feel like there’s a mother f—–g ghost here.” She also added that she would prefer cockroaches over ghosts and she could see them and step on them and doesn’t know how to get rid of the ghosts.

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