Canadian Singer-Songwriter Hazeline Taffe Talks Pain, Love & Hope In Latest Releases

Canadian singer-songwriter Hazeline Taffe is releasing a debut 10-track album titled Finally, and 4 singles titled “Humanitarian Change,” “True Friend,” “Strength ‘n’ Dreams,” and “The Battle of the Cov-19.” The canadian citizen originally from Jamaica shares her struggles and losses and uses the medium of music to transform pain into inspiration, hope and faith. 

Her deeply moving story is painful, and yet she turned out to become one of the most inspirational artists we’ve come across in a long while. For years, she pursued her education while caring for her children and her sick and disabled mother. Despite the already immense responsibilities she was bearing, what came next was even more challenging. The worst event in Hazeline Taffe’s entire life was losing her child due to the negligence of the staff of the hospital where she was about to give birth, with no prior problem detected.

She explains: “I live with the pain of knowing my daughter was clinging to life with no staff to help her, and in my sorrow; though I do not understand why I had to lose my child, I trust that God has a reason for everything. I began to write songs of hope.”

Her incredibly beautiful mix of gospel and R&B, as well as the spirituality that she pours in each and every song she creates, are some of the elements allowing us to foresee a bright future for the talented Hazeline. 

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